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Size: 200cm x 300cm
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1500 Reed Product description 



1500 Reeds and 4000 Density  

Made in                                         Iran. 

Construction                                 machine weaved / Hand Look 

Knots/m2                                      1.6 Million                

Thickness.                                     8mm 

Weft Yarn.                                    Cotton  

Pile Yarn                                       Acrylic heated set, Hypoallergenic                         

Product Description 

tow year warranty   

This rug has a very strong backing and stays Flat on any type of flooring it does not slip. It never fades in color and stays strong for years in heavy traffic areas, And adds a luxurious look to any living space 


Care instruction 

Vacuum regularly, the stain is removable by hand with warm water, and liquid soap or carpet detergent. Commercial or home carpet cleaning machine to wash this rug when needed. Simply let it get some fresh air in its own spot or an open space after machine washing to dry.  Do not use bleaching chemicals          


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