GLARA is a family-owned Canadian and Danish company that specialises in beautifully crafted, high-quality carpets imported from the Middle East. The company was established in 2018, in Denmark and Canada.

 The owners, have came from the Middle East and their love for the elegant artistry of carpets inspired them to bring the unique and alluring design of Middle Eastern carpets to Danish homes. GLARA prides itself on being able to offer a uniquely designed collection of both modern and traditional carpets straight from the Middle East.

 The collection includes Persian and Turkish carpets that come in various shapes and sizes. Danes can now purchase and decorate their homes with the finest middle eastern carpets at affordable prices at GALRA’s Denmark, Glostrup shopping mall.

 GLARA’s one of a kind service makes ordering and delivery easy and convenient. Customers can get two carpets delivered to their doorsteps and choose the carpet that fits their home best. To provide services to families and individuals in other communities across Denmark, GLARA will be opening new locations in Zealand and Jutland. No matter what carpet you are looking for, you can count on GLARA to deliver the carpet that will transform the experience and visual feel of your home


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